Failure is an Option

Failure is one of those topics that we don’t like to talk about. We would never consider planning for it, whether or not we believe the adage “If you fail to plan, plan to fail.” But failure is part of the human ethos, and understanding how and why we fail is important if we are to learn how not to fail. And how much more should we understand what can bring about the ultimate failure – the failure of a human life?

Most people think of moral failure in terms of explicit actions like lying, stealing, murder and greed, among others. They’ll pick and choose from lists such as the ten commandments, the seven deadly sins and the like. Steer clear of committing evil and your a “good person”. Jesus would likely say “Not so fast!”… Continue reading

Musings on the Great Reversal, First Pass

Almost before my keyboard cooled down after the last post, I had that uncomfortable feeling of incompleteness. While most lawyers would say that the estate manager of the story was well within his rights to independently negotiate each worker’s wage, I was still left with that uneasy, gnawing feeling.

I had an experience recently that struck home. I’m an electronic engineer by profession, and I was getting pricing for an expensive integrated circuit. I got one price from the web site of the distributor ($670). I called the distributor directly and received a lower price over the phone ($530). I then spoke with my account manager, and she quoted a still lower price ($382). These are no small differences! Certainly they have the right to set whatever pricing structure they want, but I was a little miffed at the inconsistency… Continue reading

Is God Fair?

A Cookie, Divided

The short answer: No, and this is a good thing!

When I was a lad growing up with my older brother, fairness was at the forefront of my thinking. A considerable amount of effort was expended by my parents to ensure that we were both treated equally, along with refereeing our disputes when we’d accuse each other of the cardinal sin of “unfairness”. We always had enough to eat, but it seamed that there was always some last bit of food that we’d fight over. The rule at our house was that one person would cut the food item in half, while the other would select the piece he wanted. The “cutter” would go to great effort to ensure that the pieces were exactly equal so he wouldn’t be “cheated”.

Sometime toward the beginning of junior high (AKA middle school), my parents mantra of “life isn’t always fair” sunk in. I can’t remember the moment I became aware of this, but there were many, many incidences that reminded me that life wasn’t fair, and it was always interpreted as a “bad” thing.

Studying the Bible didn’t help either… Continue reading

An Invitation to Grace

Welcome! This is the first installment of what I hope will prove to be a unique web experience for all of us! An Invitation to Grace was created by an eclectic group of writers, thinkers, theologians, philosophers, graphic artists/photographers, directors/producers and web geeks for you, the reader!

Together, we’ll explore the practical application of the Kingdom of God to our daily lives. And it isn’t easy. Jesus taught many things that go against the grain of modern life, not to mention life in biblical times. His teaching was both unique and revolutionary at the same time. We’ve not seen the likes since. So today, as a result, many people of faith (or of no faith at all) don’t have a clear picture of the paradigm shift that Jesus introduced.

We plan to include thoughtful audio and video podcasts of interviews, panel discussions, “man on the street” type surveys – all geared to understand the impact that Jesus has had on civilization to date.

We’d really like you to come with us on this journey. We’ll endeavor to keep our communication honest and transparent, not shying away from the tough questions. And we’ll try our best not to bore you. We respect the fact that you took the time to stop by our site when you could have gone anywhere.

Along those lines, we treasure your comments and truly respect all positions – especially those we might not agree with. To make it easy to keep up, I’d recommend that you click on the “Entries RSS” link on the home page (or just click here!) . This will create a browser shortcut that automatically displays article titles using our RSS feed (RSS definition here). It is safe and easy!

Again, thanks for stopping by. Check back often. Hang on, it should be a wild ride!