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In the wee hours of Tuesday, June 4, 2019, I was having a very pleasant discussion with my Muslim friends on the topic of progressive revelation in the Old and New Testaments, specifically on whether aspects of the the Trinity were revealed in the Old Testament. All was going well until the Moderator of the MuslimByChoice channel got involved. Usually, I get blocked at some point, but never has it occurred this early in the conversation. I’m not exactly sure of the YouTube mechanism, but basically I can see my posts as “A Berean”, but they disappear when I login as a different username. In the past, I’ve been blocked somewhat permanently, or just for a period of time. Since I can see my posts as “A Berean”, I can blithely grab a screenshot or two proving that censorship has, indeed, occurred.

This time around, when they blocked “A Berean” after a specific vanilla post, I went ahead and wrote my usual “A Berean has replied to your post but the Moderator has apparently blocked it” message and posted it using my “A Berean Mirror” account. I do this not to engage in dialog, but just to be polite and let my friends know that I at least tried to respond so they aren’t left hanging. Then the most remarkable thing happened! The entire thread disappeared — my posts as well as those of my Muslim friends I was conversing with.

Next, I posted a followon post using my mirror account on the top thread to the effect:

@A Berean Mirror: “The Trinity and Progressive Revelation Refuted” — Not much of a refutation if the moderator deletes an entire comment thread containing a valid counter refutation! Tough crowd!

This was quickly replied to by one of my Muslim friends:

@ShitGotReal: what?

To which I quickly created this page (in its most basic, raw form) and posted:

@A Berean Mirror: https://www.invitationtograce.org/2019/06/04/missing-comment-thread/

Before I knew it, this entire thread was deleted as well, probably before @ShitGotReal was even notified of my reply. Perhaps @A Berean Mirror was placed in moderation, so any posts would have to be approved by the Moderator before they would be seen and a notification sent.

What did I learn from all this? Well, the Moderator appears to wield their incredible censorship power in order to block any dissenting view that would otherwise go against their “echo chamber” narrative. Apparently, the “average” Muslim might doubt or fall away if exposed to ideas outside of strict Islamic orthodoxy. Will it succeed? In the short run, yes. In the long run, it is guaranteed to be self-defeating, as some will discover the truth, one way or another. When they do, they will not remember their “minders” fondly. This is yet another reminder of “The Great Reversal” often mentioned in scripture.

“For nothing is hidden that will not be made manifest, nor is anything secret that will not be known and come to light.” — Luke 8:17 ESV

Comment thread created on June 4, 2019 on the MuslimByChoice YouTube channel for the video “God has revealed himself PROGRESSIVELY in the Bible” argument refuted | Rabbi Tovia and Dr. Shabir.

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